EPV Windpower – a strong Finnish enterprise

Wind is power. We believe that this power should utilized, as wind power is both emission-free and renewable.

Energy generation with broad expertise

EPV Windpower Ltd was established in 2007 to prepare wind power projects especially in the Ostrobothnia region. It is fully owned by EPV Energy Ltd (EPV) which, in turn, is owned by several Finnish energy companies. EPV generates and acquires electricity and heat and supplies them for its shareholders. Our strategic goal is to increase the entire Group’s emission-free energy generation step by step.

EPV is a pioneer and one of the leading operators in industrial-scale wind power in Finland and plans, constructs and operates wind farms. Currently we have approximately 350 megawatts of wind power in operation and there are several ongoing wind power development projects.

In 2020, approximately 25.6% of EPV’s energy generation came from wind power. Wind power is one of the company’s most important energy generation methods, and EPV aims to keep increasing its share within the Group.

Our wind farms

EPV has multiple wind farms especially in Ostrobothnia, and new farms are being built all the time.

Read more about our existing wind farms and ongoing construction projects!

For us, responsibility means action – not words

EPV is the forerunner in low-emission and renewable energy. Responsible and ethical practices are our founding principles.